AUT 003 Putter 60-85526

By Autruche


AUT 003 Putter 60-85526
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"A little tap, nothing but one more stroke and I win the game" thought Peter taking his position about 70 cm from the hole. A shudder of emotion ran through his body and a teasing smile brightened his features. He was already basking in victory. His joy was proportional to the unavoidable deception that began to color the face of his rival and friend, Tom. "I need to grip the club, aim well and reproduce the swinging of a pendulum, ok, that's it, exactly the rhythm that I need to tap the ball." He took his stance, placed his shoulders in the direction of the putt, relaxed and tapped the ball perfectly. But just at that precise moment, arrived a totally unexpected breeze that nudged the ball a couple of centimeters. A sudden, horrible, detestable, rotten breeze which for months will deeply trouble the sleep of Peter.

During his studies, artist Guillermo Forchino discovered and mastered classic techniques and materials. He began creating figures made from wrapped bands of cloth where the visible parts(hands and head) were made from wax and papier mache colored with natural pigments. He subsequently chose poly resins to create figures that resemble the world of comic strip and cartoon characters. They are handled with finesse and given a soul and a story. Every single item is wrapped in the unique Forchino Newspaper with a special label attached, individually numbered and identified by a stamp on the bottom of each piece. A unique and numbered certificate of authenticity completes each package. When a suitable quantity of each item has been produced and sold, the item is retired to help keep its worth.

24 x 18 x 40.5 cm