MEL 003 Challah Board Spring SC100

By Melanie Dankowicz


MEL 003 Challah Board Spring SC100
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Creator and artist Melanie Dankowicz strives to create striking and complex impressions, uniting traditional motifs with contemporary themes, balancing the flow of lines with the depth of space. She integrates Hebrew text in the design, bringing out the beauty of the letters and the essence of their message.Once the stainless steel is lasercut, it is brushed, glass-blasted, or anodized to a smooth finish to achieve functionality, utility and beauty. It's exciting to see the first signs of spring-the beginnings of new growth on the trees and plants, and we love to celebrate that change in all of its symbolism. Enjoy the warmth of Shabbat as an elegant stainless steel vine winds around your challah, which rests on a sturdy oval maple board. Ball feet add to the delight of this design. Color and pattern of maple wood may vary.

Handmade- in the event that this item is temporarily out of stock and on re-order, please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery.

12" x 18"