STA 001 Sports Mezuzah 3027

By Stained Glass Designs


STA 001 Sports Mezuzah 3027
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Susan Fullenbaum creates handcrafted stained glass art emphasizing Judaic themes. Each piece commemorates joyous life cycle events, illustrates Jewish customs, or is used in ceremonial life. Stained glass adds dimensions of dynamic beauty, unparalleled in other art media, through the interplay of colored glass with ambient light. Each stained glass prop is hand cut, wrapped in metal and soldered. Details are added to the props before all the props are connected. The mezuzah case comes with nails and a printed scroll or klaf.

Handmade- in the event that this item is temporarily out of stock and on re-order, please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Scroll opening - 7mm           Plexiglass case 1 x 6"